I.Am Nail Systems I.Am Flow Gel Crystal I (45gr)
I.Am Flow Gel Crystal I (45gr)
I.Am Nail Systems

I.Am Flow Gel Crystal I (45gr)

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I.Am Gel – a gel system that offers you a combination of viscosities to meet your every need.

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Product description

I.Am Gel – a gel system that offers you a combination of viscosities to meet your every need.

I.Am Flow Gel – a beautifully self-levelling formula that minimizes the amount of finish filing.

I.Am Structure Gel – an innovative formula that gives you optimal control of your product for sculpting longer lengths and the sharpest smilelines.

I.Am Gels offer you the perfect balance between flexibility and toughness with a color palette to suit every nail professionals needs.

I.Am Flow Gel:

  • Crystal I – crystal clear
  • Crystal II – crystal clear, slightly thicker viscosity
  • Nude – full cover nude
  • Cover – warmer pink cover
  • Pure White – perfect French white
  • Transparent Pink – sheer warm pink

I.Am Structure Gel:

  • Cover – matching warmer pink cover
  • Crystal – crystal clear

Features & benefits

  • Non-yellowing formula
  • Highly pigmented
  • Attractive color range
  • Duo system offering various viscosities
  • Curing time: 60 sec LED / 120 sec UV (recommended double curing for I.Am Flow Gel Pure White)

I.Am Flow Gel

  • Self levelling formula
  • Minimizes filing

I.Am Structure Gel

  • Optimal product control
  • Smileline control


1.Prepare the natural nail plate. Removing the cuticle and removing any contaminants with I.Am Blue Scrub and a nail wipe.

2.Apply a thin layer of I.Am Air Dry Bonder.

3.Using an I.Am Gel Sculpting Brush, apply a thin layer of I.Am Gel onto the nail plate, tip and/or form. Do not cure.

4.Pick up a bead of I.Am Gel and roll this onto the nail plate. Using your I.Am Gel Sculpting Brush guide the bead of gel towards the cuticle area, free edge and lateral side walls until the desired shape is created.

5.Cure the I.Am Gel 60 sec LED / 120 sec UV.

6.Remove the tacky layer with I.Am UV Cleanser and file to finish if necessary.

7.Apply a coat of I.Am Soak Off No-Cleanse Brilliant Top to finish and cure for 60 sec LED / 120 sec UV.

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